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Our talented team develops results driven public relations campaigns, and comprehensive customer satisfaction  improvement programs, all to ensure the highest performance for our clients.

Data reveals that the cost of funeral related products and services selected by consumers are the third largest purchase that they will make during their life time, only behind the purchase of their home and automobile.

There is no “one size fits all” training application that can simply be viewed via streaming video that will address the unique needs of your organization.

Mortuary Consultants| Ryan M. Lee

The Ryan M. Lee, Mortuary Consultancy is a nimble team of industry experts intently focused and uniquely qualified to address all of the operational and financial management needs of our funeral home and cemetery clients. 

Our Funeral Industry Consulting includes:

  • Funeral Home Staff Training and Seminars
  • Funeral Home Management Services
  • Funeral Home Management Consulting
  • Funeral Home Professionals Recruiting Services
  • Funeral Home Selection Room Merchandising
  • Funeral Home Selection Room Design
  • Funeral Home Vendor and Product Evaluations
  • Funeral Home Customer Satisfaction Analysis
  • Funeral Home Retail Price Structuring
  • Funeral Home Financial Services
  • Funeral Home Crisis Management and Litigation Support
  • Consumer Financing for Funeral Purchases

Our firm is unique - our team members are leading experts driving change and shaping the future of our industry.

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